Just one pile which recently turned up


It’s not just photography. What starts out as a photo sometimes becomes something not seen before. Or something unanticipated. This is the thrill of creating images for me. As an artist, I can objectively prove that I have been interested in visual arts for most of my life. My earliest (grammar school) work is mostly gone, thanks to the usual lost in time errors. But much has survived.

It is to the survivors that these galleries are dedicated.

Then again, there are the photographs. Later works are mostly photographs. Film first, then digital.

These are my galleries, as I update and explore techniques and titles. The galleries are divided into categories to make it easy to view, and I put in some flowers for those interested in my main subjects. These are basic divisions. I hope this makes it less confusing to find the photo you want to see.

Imagine being able to create images and to offer them for viewing. I will continue to make changes, and hope you join the mailing list to see what’s new in my camera lens.